11th Annual Five Year & Under

This past weekend, sixteen teams from six regional curling clubs participated in this two-day event graciously hosted by Exmoor Country Club. The 5 Year & Under provides new curlers with the chance to compete against other MCA curlers. Established in 2007, this open event allows those who have played less than five full seasons of curling the opportunity to gain more experience and play against their peers. The Midwest Curling Association would like to thank the host club and to extend our gratitude to all the new MCA curlers for a fantastic bonspiel!

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

Hopefully, we see some of you again at the 2019 5 Year & Under!

1st Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club

Chris Hadac, Travis Hoyne, Steve Gadlin, and Kimberly Grogan

1st Event Runner-up: Waltham Curling Club

Maxwell Salander, Logan Brandner, Aaron Reddin, and Mason Videgar

2nd Event Winner: Windy City Curling Club

Greg Torkelson, Girithar Reddy, Zac Wiles, and Tom Sikma

2nd Event Runner-up: St. Louis Curling Club

Mitch Stoddard, Drew Todd (not pictured), Dan Sovar, and Steve Leapley

3rd Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club 

Jimmy Klus, Eliot Zeissler, Randall Cross, and Lauren Recchia

3rd Event Runner-up: Chicago Curling Club 

Brian Apel (not pictured), James-Grant Robertson (not pictured), Phil Ledbetter, John Roberts, Eric Reithel (sub), and Mike Lerner (sub)

4th Event Winner: Exmoor Country Club

Anthony Fowler, Jay Kosziarz (not pictured), Kevin Burns (not pictured), and Jim Drath (not pictured)

4th Event Runner-up: Windy City Curling Club

Tonya Henderson, Jon Henderson, Michael Jokela, and Jim Schneider

Written by: Shannon Brown