6th Annual Prairie State Challenge

Established in 2012, the Prairie State Challenge was created to give curlers, especially those who don’t have dedicated facilities, the opportunity to get on the ice for a fun weekend of comradery, gameplay, and socialization. This open event, sponsored by the Midwest Curling Association, is free to MCA members and provides curlers the chance to mingle with other teams in the Midwest region at the beginning of the curling season.

This year, 16 teams from seven regional curling clubs played in the two-day event hosted by Exmoor Country Club and Chicago Curling Club. The Midwest Curling Association would like to extend our gratitude to the clubs who hosted the 2018 Prairie State Challenge and the regional curling clubs who sent teams. Also, congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the next Prairie State Challenge!

1st Event Winner: Exmoor Country Club

Matt Brown, Sandy Stevenson, Jim Millspaugh, and Jack Manierre

1st Event Runner-up: Wilmette Curling Club

Aaron DeGagne, Adam Wards, Rebecca Tulloch, and Joshua Nordyke

2nd Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club/Exmoor Country Club

Russ Armstrong, Russ Brown, Jeff Warner, and Jeff Wright

2nd Event Runner-up: Windy City Curling Club

Greg Torkelson, Greg Stewart, Scott Rutherford, and Tom Sikma

3rd Event Winner: Exmoor Country Club

EJ Stern, John Beckwith (not pictured), Ken Groover, and Robo Boyle

3rd Event Runner-up: Chicago Curling Club

Jeff Smaha, John Roberts, Claire Potter, and Cheryl Dudeck

4th Event Winner: Cedar Rapids Curling Club

Cale Tesch, Phil Burian, Packy Moran, and Alyssa Hahn

4th Event Runner-up: Cedar Rapids Curling Club

Al Roder, Murray Marple (not pictured), Ken Heitzman, and Adi Heitzman

Written by: Shannon Brown