73rd Annual Dar Curtis Bonspiel

Beginning in 1947, the Dar Curtis Bonspiel is the oldest statewide curling competition held in Illinois. This year, 12 teams played in the two-day event hosted by Waltham Curling Club, the oldest curling club in Illinois. Thank you to all the clubs who attended the bonspiel and congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the next Dar Curtis Bonspiel!

1st Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club 

Todd Mackinson, Patrick Schuster, Jimmy Klus, and Brian Keto

1st Event Runner-up: Waltham Curling Club

Mae Hagenbuch, Genevieve Salander, Bella Hagenbuch, and Liberty Salander

2nd Event Winner: Exmoor Country Club and Waltham Curling Club

Anthony Fowler, Gloria Chao, Cameron Rittenour, and Bradley Anderson

2nd Event Runner-up: Waltham Curling Club

Maxwell Salander, Logan Brandner, Grant Scrits, and Mason Videgar

3rd Event Winner: Waltham Curling Club

Nick Haws, Angela Haws, Ryne Krall, and Scott Tiezi

3rd Event Runner-up: Windy City Curling Club

Tom Arra, Linda Arra, Lori Cassidy, and Chris Arra

4th Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club

James-Grant Robertson, David Shore, Katharine Wiacek, and Phil Ledbetter

4th Event Runner-up: St. Louis Curling Club

Mikhail Kurbatov, Ana Paris, Emma Rohrbach, and Sam Smith