74th Annual Dar Curtis Bonspiel

Beginning in 1947, the Dar Curtis Bonspiel is the oldest statewide curling competition held in Illinois. This year, 16 teams played in the two-day event hosted by Chicago Curling Club. Thank you to all the clubs who attended the bonspiel and congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 75th Dar Curtis Bonspiel!

1st Event Winner: Exmoor Country Club

Jim Millspaugh, Anthony Fowler, Gloria Chao, and Jack Manierre

1st Event Runner-up: Chicago Curling Club 

Nate Lenzini, Nick Koch, Zack Hill, and Lis Collins

2nd Event Winner: Waltham Curling Club and Exmoor Country Club

Mae Hagenbuch, Genevieve Salander, Bella Hagenbuch, and Faith Geake

2nd Event Runner-up: Chicago Curling Club and Exmoor Country Club

Audrey Gottschild, Kasia Kassner, Angelina Kassner, and Noa Yedlin


3rd Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club

Adam Baxter, Steve Gadlin, Kristina Mitton Baxter, and Matt Miller

3rd Event Runner-up: Chicago Curling Club

James-Grant Robertson, Brian Keto, Aaron Knowlton, and Kat Wiacek

4th Event Winner: St. Louis Curling Club

Mitch Stoddard, Mitch Sovar, Gina Johnson, and Donald Johnson

4th Event Runner-up: Windy City Curling Club

Eric Clifford, Zac Wiles, Brian Jenner, and John Sabatino