2021 MCA Men’s Club Playdowns

From March 26-28, seven regional teams participated in the 2021 MCA Men’s Club Playdowns at Exmoor Country Club. Teams from Exmoor Country Club, Chicago Curling Club, Windy City Curling Club, and Waltham Curling Club played a single round-robin (double elimination) format with 8-end games. COVID safety guidelines were in place, games were timed, and a USCA-certified official oversaw the event.

Team Wright was declared the winner of the MCA Men’s Club Playdowns after finishing the round-robin with a 5-1 record. Five teams ended with a 3-3 record post round-robin. In accordance with USCA Competition Guidelines, the head-to-head record of all five teams was compared, and Team Rutherford from Windy City Curling Club secured second place. Thanks to all the teams, coaches, and volunteer timers who attended the MCA Men’s Club Playdowns. Thanks to Exmoor Country Club for hosting such a fantastic event. Also, we want to extend our gratitude to David Haverick for officiating the event!

Team Wright: Jeff Wright, Steve Waters, Steve Wright, Russ Brown, Ken Brown

Team Rutherford: Scott Rutherford, Greg Stewart, Matt Galas, Anthony D’Arco

Round-Robin Results

5-1 Team Wright (Exmoor Country Club)

3-3 Team Rutherford (Windy City Curling Club)

3-3 Team DeGagne (Windy City Curling Club)

3-3 Team Mackinson (Chicago Curling Club)

3-3 Team Salander (Waltham Curling Club)

3-3 Team Tobkin (Chicago Curling Club)

1-5 Team Brown (Exmoor Country Club)