75th Annual Dar Curtis Bonspiel

From April 10-11, Exmoor Country Club hosted the 75th Annual MCA Dar Curtis Bonspiel. Twelve teams from four regional curling clubs participated in this two-day bonspiel. Beginning in 1947, the Dar Curtis Bonspiel is the oldest statewide curling competition held in Illinois. The event is aimed at curlers who play as leads, seconds, and newer vice skips. The Midwest Curling Association would like to thank Exmoor Country Club for hosting this event, and we would like to extend our gratitude to all the curlers who attended!

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 76th Dar Curtis Bonspiel!

1st Event Winner: Windy City Curling Club

Raymond Stone, George Collins, Carol Collins, and Ben Lovaasen

1st Event Runner-up: Exmoor Country Club

Matt Anderson, Lisa Murray, Barb Hesterberg, and Geoff Murray

2nd Event Winner: Windy City Curling Club

Anthony D’Arco, Scott Maples, Jeff Elborne, and Barry Hutchings

2nd Event Runner-up: Exmoor Country Club

Jim Millspaugh, Steve Goldman, Chad Waynee, and Jim Draths

3rd Event Winner: Chicago Curling Club

Matt Peterson, Tycho Spadaro, Micah Singerman, and Eric Bertram

3rd Event Runner-up: Windy City Curling Club and Chicago Curling Club

Michael McHugh, Ryan Tucker, Tamara McHugh, and Kent McKenzie

4th Event Winner: St. Louis Curling Club

Mikhail Kurbatov, Marina Sogrina, Dan Sovar, and Steve Young

4th Event Runner-up: Exmoor Country Club

Pete Barber, Elaine Burns, Patty Charhut, and Carol Morita-Torcivia